Setting up a Windows 2008 server (in Rackspace cloud)

The following is a quick check list for setting up Windows server 2008 and IIS7 for deploying websites. The sites in question will be hosted on Rackspace cloud but the steps could apply to any windows server 2008 box. It’s mainly for my own sanity should I have to re-create the build at any point.

My steps thus far are:

  1. Allow exceptions in Windows firewall for
    • Https
    • Http
  2. Make temporary changes to IE to stop IE doing your head in with security alerts when downloading stuff.  Try the following (make sure you switch this back on for production)
  3. Install latest dotnet
  4. Configure/ Install iis7 including:
    • Common Http Features
    • ISAPI Extensions
    • ISAPI Filters
    • IIS Mgmt Console
    • Static content
  5. Add any non included mime types that will be common across any subsequent sites (the sites I’m creating make heavy use of video for example).
    • video/m4v
    • video/mp4
    • video/ogg (.oga, . ogg, .ogv)
    • audio/ogg (.spx)
    • images/svg+xml (.svgz)
    • video/webm (.webm)
    • application/x-font-woff (.woff)
  6. Install FTP 7.5 (using web platform installer)
  7. Create site(s)
  8. Install web deploy tool on server.

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