Using Technology to Enhance Your Teaching

Thanks to all those who attended the recent “Using Technology to Enhance Your Teaching” workshop. I really enjoyed the session, especially hearing your stories about the technologies that you use in your teaching.

I’ve included all the materials used on the day and the mind map that we created from the activities that constitute your teaching.

The Slides

The Handout

The Mind Map

(Click on the image for the actual map)

George Veletsianos’s Slides

(see also George’s blog for more discussion in this area)

Some Reading
(See also

Handbook of Emerging Technologies”

Blogging with students… how and why

“Top 100 tools for learning 2009”

Tutorial on creating a blog and using RSS

Social Media Classroom – resources about teaching participatory media

How to create a blog with Blogger

7 things you should know about micro blogging

A write up of the “Twitter Experiment” – using twitter in a lecture setting

Rhizomatic Education : Community as Curriculum


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