Sharing Learning Designs – your thoughts

I’ve been spending some time recently thinking about the topic of learning designs and the sharing of ideas, resources etc.  Of particular interest is:

  • How do we articulate our designs?
  • How do we encourage collaboration on designs?

There has been a lot of activity over at Cloudworks in relation to this, not least from a recent Olnet workshop looking at these issues.

I’ve used a visual design tool called Compendium LD to create and document a learning design for some training I’m due to deliver. The training session involves facilitating trainers in looking at how they make greater use of technology in their training. The design shows a sequence of activities and links to the resources that will be used in the session (apart from the slides which are embedded below 🙂 ) (The learning design is best viewed in Internet Explorer as the links to appear to work in FireFox 😦 )

What I’d like to know is:

  • Does the learning design with links to resources enable other trainers to utilise the design?
  • What’s missing?
  • What is good/ bad about the learning design?
  • Are there better ways to present or collate these artifacts?


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