Proposal for e-pedagogy journal club

I would like to propose an online e-pedagogy journal club here at good ole’ Manchester University. I thought I’d blog my thoughts on the subject and then throw it open for discussion.

So here goes.

Purpose – To allow contributors to both discuss and propose journals on the subject of integrating technology and teaching. With the aim of enhancing our understanding and application of e-pedagogy
Target Audience – E-learning Techies and interested Academics and anyone involved with designing and delivering programmes
Engagement/Committments – 1 journal article per month to be selected by either a) a rotating choice by the members or b) online vote
Tools – Journals to be submitted to the social citation website discussion can either take place face to face or online via synchronous or asychronous tools. I propose the use of a wiki to coordinate the club.

I don’t mind coordinating the techie bits (wiki etc).

So is the suggestion:
a) something you’re interested in
b) ok in it’s detail?

All comments greatly appreciated


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