"Why do you blog and how does blogging help with your research?" Response from Science bloggers

Part of our strategy for promoting ResearchConnect and Science blogging in general, was to ask PhD and academic bloggers about why they blog. Scienceblogs.com have an “Ask a science blogger” section so a little while ago I sent in the following question.

“There are many many academic bloggers out there feverishly blogging about their areas of interest. Still there are many many more academics who don’t. So Why do you blog and how does blogging help with your research?”

Luckily ScienceBlogs posted the question so I’ve put up the links to the responses below:
Dr Martin Rundkvist
Drug Monkey (a biomedical research blog)
Janet D. Stemwedel
Brian Switek
Uncertain Principles (physics blog)
Science Women (blogging on the “intersection of science and real life”)

I’ll pick out more general themes in a later post (start of year madness means I’ve little time to spend blogging about blogging)

If you are a science/ academic/ PhD research student who blogs and you would like to share your ideas about why you blog you can add your thoughts here.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons by Oberazzi – source of which is here


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