Training – "Using the web to raise your professional profile"

I’ll be co-delivering a training workshop as part of the ‘Pathways – Career Options for PhD’s and Research Staff’ event at Manchester University.

The workshop is intended to explore ways of using the web to raise your professional profile and is intended to last about an hour.

Myself and Jen (my co-trainer) met in Fact last Friday, and fueled by Capucino and a Danish came up with the following training plan.

1) Intro – Brief round robbin of introductions
2) Group/Pair exercise – “What have you seen or used on the internet to promote yourself on the web”
3) Group discussion re: the above
4) Intro to Bloggin – “Common Craft’s ‘Blogging in Plain English”
5) Brief talk making the link between Academia and Niche news publishing/ consuming.
6) “What’s in it for me?” –

The “why do you blog” questionnaire.

7) “How?” –

8) “So where do I find the Academic Community?”

Please see this blog post for a more detailed description

9) Plenary, questions and some further reading

10) Please take some time to go through the links and resources that relate to this session.Please feel free to add your own comments or to ask any questions on this blog.


One thought on “Training – "Using the web to raise your professional profile"

  1. Hello to everyone who attended today. I hope you found the session useful. Please feel free to add any comments either about the session or about blogging and academia in general. Alternatively you can email me using this address

    Several web technologies, aside from bloggin, were discussed today in relation to promoting yourself/research using the web. I’ve included some examples below:
    1) Univiersity personal pages – a good of which is Alasdair Rae’s

    2)Blogs – see Fevronia’s (who was at todays session)

    3)PageFlakes – I didn’t get the URL of the Post Doc at todays session so here is my (shoddy) example

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