Current UKGrad Social Learning Projects

The following links show the current UKGRAD funded social learning projects.
London Sch. of Econ. & Political Sci., Univ. of London (LSE)
Description: LSE-PhD Net: a virtual and social network for PhD students

Institute of Education, University of London
Description: A web presence that provides news, links and a personal space for PGRs studying for a rseaecrh qualification (e.g. MRes/PhD,EdD)

University of Leeds
Description: Collaborative Technologies, Online Journaling and Techniques to Support Research

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Description: The use of an electronic portfolio to plan, record and reflect on skill development (postgraduate ePortfolio).
Update: automatic updating of ePortfolio training record with workshop attendance.

University of Salford
Description: Personal Development Environment (SPDE)

University of Southampton
Description: Student-led Networking and Research groups

Birkbeck College, University of London
Description: Maintaining Personal Web Pages (School of Computer Science and Information Systems)

Here is the link to the actual database of UKGRAD Funded projects

This link shows the Projects & Positions Funded by Roberts Money 04 – 06 at Manchester University


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